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About Mim Chapman

Mim Chapman, Ph.D is an educator, a learner, and a change agent. Her work experience includes commercial fishing, civil rights activism, marine salvage, political lobbying and fundraising, and education. She has led three school restructuring projects, a lobbying effort which changed a major federal fisheries law, and created a series of women’s seminars that led to the formation of the Cordova Family Resource Center. She has taught elementary to graduate school levels; been an administrator in a community college, a K-12 school, and a middle school; worked in large east coast urban schools and tiny Eskimo villages, from the Caribbean to Nova Scotia to Alaska.

During the time she was Principal of Clark Middle School in Anchorage, Alaska, Clark was named one of four mid-level schools in the nation with the most innovative, successful programs to address diversity. She now focuses on relationship coaching, training seminars, and writing.

Mim is a certified Myers-Briggs trainer and has led workshops in various aspects of learning styles, multiple intelligences, collaboration, diversity, and the change process for conferences, schools and businesses. She was chosen the Alaska "Curriculum Leader of the Year" in 1991, Toastmaster’s "Communicator of the Year" in 1994, and the YWCA/British Petroleum "Woman of Achievement" in 1996. She has a Bachelors Degree from St. Louis Institute of Music; a Masters from Washington University, St. Louis; a Ph.D. from Mississippi State University; and a recent second Masters in Counseling and Guidance from University of Alaska Anchorage.

Mim spent many years as a professor at University of Alaska. Her publications include workbooks, articles, and a textbook on school reform. She recently created and performed in her first theatre work, a performance art piece based on her research into the status of sex education in our culture. She travels extensively providing training, program development, future search retreats, executive mentoring, and other consulting services for business and education through her private consulting firm, MIMCO.

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