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MIMCO Ceremonies

MIMCO provides ceremonies for a variety of settings. Please contact us to schedule one that is best for you. You may choose from the following ceremonies or ask MIMCO to create one appropriate for your situation:

Wedding Ceremonies and Coaching in Creating Your Own Vows

Ceremony in location of your choice, or in beautiful Santa Fe, NM
May be combined with pre-marriage counseling, including MBTI

Commitment Ceremonies for Non-Traditional Couples or Poly Families

May include relationship coaching and guidance in vow creation
Lovely mountain-view Santa Fe home available for ceremony

Ceremonies to Renew Vows Including Coaching in Updating Vows

May be combined with “second honeymoon” suite in quiet Santa Fe home with meditation path, hot tub, great views, close to both town and mountains

Separation Ceremonies for Divorces and Other Relationship Changes

Why should we only celebrate beginnings? All change is positive!
Help friends know they can still be friends with both of you!
May be combined with coaching for children and family