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MIMCO Workshops

MIMCO provides workshops for a variety of settings. Please contact us to schedule one that is best for your organization. You may choose from the following workshops topics:

Don't Tolerate Me - Understand and Value Me!

An interactive seminar for schools, businesses, churches or organizations focusing on understanding and welcoming the diverse contributions of all, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, family structure, religion, socio-economic status, differing abilities, etc. enabling groups to move beyond tolerance and anti-harassment to a genuine celebration of diversity.

People Types and Job Gripes

Team-building and conflict resolution in the workplace, using the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator to build an understanding of the value of the unique outlooks of colleagues and a genuine celebration of diversity

Please Understand Me!

An interactive workshop for singles, couples, parents and children using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to facilitate self-awareness and build intimacy

Can You Teach The Way I Learn?

yers-Briggs workshop for educators to enable them to teach to the various learning styles of their students, including ways to assess student learning styles and create lesson plans that effectively meet diverse needs.

The Future Search Retreat

An interactive planning retreat for communities, businesses, schools or other organizations which brings together representatives of all the stake-holders to create shared values, goals, visions, and work plans to achieve them

Intimacy and Aging

The celebrations and the challenges of aging - an intimate seminar held in a home setting, bringing together men and women of a variety of ages to share their aspirations, questions and fears regarding finding and maintaining vibrant emotional and physical intimacy throughout the aging process.

Feisty Feminine Faces of Deity

Finding and exploring the sensuous feminine power in all of us, both men and women, through the stories and images of the diverse goddesses of India

What Does Polyamory Look Like?

An interactive workshop to enable counselors, educators, ministers, health care providers and other professionals to better understand and meet the needs of poly and other non-traditional families and their children.